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"Thank you for your hard work in the successful construction of our new Resin Oligomers process, We appreciate the effort that you and your employees made to meet the aggressive construction schedule. This project provides an opportunity for the Selkirk site to expand its’ business portfolio and contribution to our community. The Site leadership team appreciates your work, commitment to safety, and the quality of your craftsmanship. Please communicate our thanks to your team."

-Dominick Perfetti, General Manager, Selkirk Marketing, SABIC Innovative Plastics and Stefan Mash, Senior Manager, Central Engineering Manager, SABIC Innovative Plastics

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Quick FAQ....

I have a standpipe system with two risers. The original design indicates a total flow of 750 gpm (2839 Lpm). Am I required to flow this much water for the five year flow test?

No. When conducting the five year flow test, one riser is tested at a time. Therefore, the flow should be a total of 500 gpm (1892 Lpm), 250 gpm (946 lpm) for each of the two topmost outlets.