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Fire Sprinkler System Maintenance

Fire sprinkler system maintenance is often neglected. Without ongoing maintenance of equipment, however, the cost of a repair to a fire sprinkler system can grow exponentially over time. Regular Fire Sprinkler preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid system downtime and costly emergency service. Regular Fire Sprinkler maintenance helps identify future problems, allowing property owners and managers to accurately predict and budget fire sprinkler repair costs far in advance.

Cost-Saving Fire Sprinkler Maintenance

Our expertly trained technicians can provide invaluable feedback while on site and make suggestions regarding your Fire Sprinkler systems, providing options for clients based on NFPA standards and manufacturers’ suggestions. The staff at Absolute Fire Protection know the significant benefits and cost savings consistent with persistent Fire Sprinkler maintenance and upkeep. We will be more than happy to carry out your cost-saving maintenance plan for you.

Example: A small leak on a dry system seems minor to the building owner. But our technician knows this will cause the air compressor to run more than once a day and introduce additional warm moist air into the system. This in turn will accelerate the corrosion factor by the quantity of times the compressor runs.

Result: A system that should last 50 years could have been reduced to only 10 due to a minor leak in the system!!! On the technician’s advice, a minor repair is done now, saving the building owner the future cost of an early system replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

If my fire sprinkler system is leaking, what do I do?

If you discover something on your fire sprinkler system leaking call a certified fire sprinkler contractor as soon as possible. It is critical to get any leaks repaired quickly as they can cause larger failures and the system to not work as intended.

Why do I need my fire sprinkler system inspected?

Fire Sprinkler Systems act as the first line of defense if the worst happens, and a fire occurs. With sprinklers forming such a vital part of fire safety, it’s essential to get them regularly inspected and tested to make sure they are performing as intended.

How often do I need Fire Sprinkler inspections done?

Depending on the systems, we typically visit sites quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

Who is making me get my system inspected?

In most cases, local authorities have jurisdiction and insurance providers. New York state does have legal requirements as well.

The Value of Fire Sprinkler Inspection and Testing

Let us test in a non-emergency situation to safeguard from failure during an emergency.

No Life should be lost to fire.