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Fire Sprinkler System Testing

Fire sprinkler testing is used to determine the operational status of a component or system by conducting physical checks. Things like water flow testing, fire pump testing, alarm testing, and trip testing of dry, deluge, and pre-action valves are key to ensuring their effectiveness at keeping life and property safe.

Local authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) in New York require property owners to follow codes based on National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, New York State building codes, and local ordinances. These codes lay out the testing requirements for fire sprinklers and other fire protection systems.

The requirements vary from Fire Sprinkler system to system. In fire sprinkler system testing, communication from your contractor to identify the proper operation of all components to the property owner or his representative, along with the required documentation is essential for minimizing property damage risk and complying with local jurisdictions.

Fire Sprinkler Expertise & Documentation

Absolute Fire Protection technicians are committed to staying up to date with the latest training and the most state-of-the-art Fire Sprinkler testing equipment to fulfill all the requirements set by those jurisdictions and compliant with the latest NFPA codes. We will provide thorough, complete, and up-to-date documentation of our test results for yourself and the local AHJs, ensuring your Fire Sprinkler systems are in complete compliance with the fire code.

Fire Sprinkler Testing Frequency

Here are some examples of how often Fire Sprinkler systems are required to be tested:

Annual Fire Sprinkler Testing – antifreeze solution, fire pump testing, hydrant flushing, backflows and control valves

Semi-Annual Fire Sprinkler Testing – electric waterflow devices, valve supervisory devices

Quarterly Fire Sprinkler Testing – mechanical waterflow devices, low air switches, main drain tests (if fed by backflow device)

Contact us for a more detailed and personalized frequency requirement.

Certified Backflow Testing

The New York State Department of Health requires that all Backflow Prevention Systems be tested annually. Our fire protection professionals are qualified to perform DOH backflow testing and certification.