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NFPA 25 Fire Protection Inspections Saratoga Springs NY

Fire Sprinkler System Component  Inspections

Absolute Fire Protection prides itself on a core competency in our fire sprinkler inspection service to give a building owner or manager a true sprinkler system condition summary. Our expert staff is familiar with all paperwork and code requirements allowing you to have peace of mind that your property is protected, and your paperwork is in compliance with all federal, state, and local requirements.

Absolute Fire Protection provides a comprehensive fire sprinkler inspection and maintenance service with all the latest software and technology to meet the stringent code requirements in NYS. Our administrative staff has tablet-based inspection software that follows all the fire sprinkler inspection standards set forth in NFPA 25. This software is constantly being updated to comply with the most current NFPA 25 mandated by the “Authority Having Jurisdiction” or (AHJ). We can provide a searchable database with 10 years of previous inspections and meet the new Joint Commission, NFPA, FM, and IBC standards.

Absolute Fire Protection: Fire Sprinkler Inspections

When we inspect, we perform a thorough visual examination of a fire sprinkler system or portion thereof to verify that it appears to be in operating condition, and free of physical damage.

A few items this includes:

  • FDC internals
  • Sprinkler heads
  • Gauges
  • Tamper and Flow switches
  • Hangers and bracing
  • Pipe condition
  • System control valves

The Fire Protection Professionals

Absolute Fire Protection also performs DOH backflow testing and certification, and our field technicians are NYS DOH Backflow Certified and/or NICET certified to maintain the highest level of professionalism and workmanship. With everything above plus a 24/7/ 365 EMERGENCY SERVICE LINE, we strive to be a ONE-STOP SHOP for all your fire protection and sprinkler system inspection needs.