Our local high school is fully sprinkled. The sprinklers located in the swimming pool area have turned green. Are these sprinklers required to be replaced?

Yes. Any sprinkler found to be corroded must be replaced in accordance with Section Anytime brass is exposed to constant moisture (particularly combined with chlorine), corrosion will result. Sprinklers exposed to these conditions, should be wax coated to protect the sprinkler from corrosion. Wax coated sprinklers are available from any sprinkler manufacturer. Wax is not permitted to be applied after the sprinkler leaves the manufacturer.

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I have a standpipe system with two risers. The original design indicates a total flow of 750 gpm (2839 Lpm). Am I required to flow this much water for the five year flow test?

No. When conducting the five year flow test, one riser is tested at a time. Therefore, the flow should be a total of 500 gpm (1892 Lpm), 250 gpm (946 lpm) for each of the two topmost outlets.